Alla Faccia Productions, LLC. © sole purpose was to create a “look-see” promo video in order to evaluate whether Benny had “the right stuff” for a television cooking show.


Benny is a very charismatic chef, a person full of charm and a real human hurricane! To have him quiet and still for more than a few seconds is almost impossible! He has a very unique way of talking which is made with a lot of funny facial expressions and interesting “Benny-isms” (particular words used and, sometimes, mispronounced by Benny with his sexy accent).

So we decided we should just follow him around with a camera with no rehearsal. We taped Benny the Chef in a one-take LIVE video shoot over several hours (and yes, we’re shamefully bragging here because such a smooth and nearly flawless production this easy is unheard of these days. That’s really how good he is).

When the shoot was over, and though it was all so seemingly promising, we still couldn’t be sure of just how well Benny would come across on film at this stage in the process. Later, after repeated viewing, investing many hours in editing and showing the results to a lot of good folks for evaluation of the footage, we knew without question we needed to do whatever we could to get Benny on TV!


Today Benny has some good videos, a NY producer committed to getting him noticed, his own website, and a fan base of thousands and growing all the while wanting to see more of Benny the Chef!

We sincerely hope you will enjoy them and Benny's incredible mix of charm, laughter, history, and great cooking! Thanks for watching and as Benny the Chef always loves to say “Alla Faccia!”



Click on the links of individual episode titles below view the videos:


Benny the Chef - Goes to Market (


Benny the Chef - Roman Gnocchi (


Benny the Chef - Renaissance Stew (


Benny the Chef - Guazzetto (


Watch one segment of Benny's demo show at The Astor Hotel.


Benny the Chef - Zabaione (


Benny the Chef Paris Cookbook Fair 2011* (*This video has been recorded by the Gourmand Television.


Cooking Class with Benny the Chef!*(*Amatorial video recorded by a Student.


We still have a ways to go to get Benny in front of the masses but your comments, suggestions, questions, and support for Benny will make the journey all the best. Your emails and inquiries are welcome by clicking here. Thank you so much.

  Alla Faccia Productions, LLC. 2011