Alla Faccia Productions LLC
Donald DePiro is owner of Alla Faccia Productions, LLC in NY. He is the executive producer of Benny the Chef's videos, managing partner of Benny the Chef's website, maybe a relative of Benny's (jury still out on that) but definitely, the one to contact for investing in the future of Benny the Chef. Please feel free to contact him regarding Benny, the website, or Alla Faccia via his email by clicking here Donald DePiro.
Ethnofilms is a place where pictures tell stories via an independently run production vortex owned and operated by filmmaker, Stacy Waymack Thornton. Ethnofilms projects include original films and screenplays that mix cinema vérité, oral history, and ethnography with occasional fictional short story film adaptations. Ethnofilms mission is to deliver to its audience the feeling of "being there."
DishUp is the web's premier of Online, Live, Cooking Classes. The new frontier of Culinary Teaching.
Tony Poliszuk is owner of ALTA NEW INC. ALTA NEW provides cookware, cutlery and everything for the kitchen, as well as cooking classes and dinner events. For info contact Tony 1-763-227-5434 or
Nick Gordon Ceramics
Nick Gordon is a very talented young artist who does commission work with any drawing media as well as ceramics from cookware to figurative and contemporary sculpture. Nick also teach hand building and primitive ceramics/firing workshops. For info call 262-242-2757.
The Italian Cultural Center
The Italian Cultural Center is a no profit organization located in Minneapolis, MN.
Frank G. Caruso
Frank G. Caruso | President| Stanley Pictures, LLC, is a writer, producer, director and imagineer.
Michael Quinto
Michael Quinto is a photographer from Madison, Wisconsin, who specializes in underground photography, wedding photography, food photography and portraits. Ph: 608-332-0418.
Cristina Lamberti Photography
Cristina Lamberti is a talented Italian photographer and award winner who works with passion and love to travel and take pictures of the beautiful places she visits.
RustyCam Photography and Video
Rusty Thornton is a photographer and creative designer from the West Coast.
The Mindful Palate
Slow Down, Breathe and Cook Some Good Food.
Food Meditations
The Gourmet Observer on Healthy Eating, Food Trends and Culinary News from around the world.
Sound of New Orleans Records
Gary J. Edwards is owner of Sound of New Orleans Records. SONO is a New Orleans independent record label producing and promoting indigenous New Orleans and Louisana gospel, zydeco, rhythm and blues and brass band music since 1980.
Chip Wilson
Chip Wilson is a popular roots music singer/songwriter from New Orleans, Louisiana.
Joseph Samuels Messina
Joseph Samuels Messina is a famous Composer and Pianist with Italian roots.
Les Getrex
Les Getrex is an internationally-renowned guitarist and vocalist from New Orleans, Louisiana.
Chef Cantante
Jung Bok Lee is the chef and owner of Chef Cantante, a typical Napoli style restaurant in South Korea. Lee is a famous tenor singer who became chef for passion. Lee is one of Benny's best friends and former student.
Il Mondo Cucina
Hiroyuki Watanabe is the Chef and owner of Il Mondo Cucina, an Italian style restaurant in Japan. Hiro is Benny’s former student.
iiCHEF & Frameworkcooking
World Master Chef Kum Ng is founder of iiCHEF and Frameworkcooking culinary methodology.
Grilliant Ideas Radio
Bad Boyz of Foodie Radio Show about Foodie Friends, BBQ'n Grill'n, Entertainment and whatever suits us... with lots of surprises thrown in!
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