I was born and grew up in Rome. Within the walls of the Eternal City I took my first steps and learned to cook. I am the only child of Giuseppe and Lina D'Epiro.

I have always possessed a vivid imagination, a distinct personality, and a pretty good way of communicating. These qualities have served me well in life and especially during the school years. I was a very good poet and song writer. Transporting emotions and dreams into words came easily to me. Some of my works were so well written that they were published in local newspapers. I was also a very talented actor. In almost any play I received the lead role. Before I became too busy, I appeared in a few TV shows and news report.

Since my childhood I have had two great passions: cooking and sports. As a true Italian I am mad about soccer. My favorite team is AS Roma, and I have supported them since I was born. Even to this day, while working or traveling, I always have my yellow and red scarf and a little fluffy wolf. These are the colors and symbol of my city and her team. For me it's a little like being present at the stadium and cheering with the other fans. I played soccer and so many others sports in my life, always very well. But, I have to tell you about my true love, Rugby. I played this sport at a very high level for more than ten years. I trod the toughest fields of Italy and around the world, always wearing the colors of the glorious AS Rugby Frascati. I learned from this rough and loyal sport to have respect and to do my very best on the field as I do in life and cooking.

I fell in love with cooking as a child, when I would help my mother while she was cooking. Attempting to prepare pastries, tarts, and cakes, I enjoyed kneading dough and dirtying myself with flour. Unfortunately, the results of my endeavors were not always good; but with patience, zeal and perseverance I overcame the many obstacles I encountered. But to tell the truth, I still continue to dirt myself with flour as I did when I was a child.

In 1991 I entered the culinary arts program at IPSSAR, Culinary Institute of Rome. I received my Diploma and graduated in 1996 at the top of my class. Thanks to school, I received my first experience in a formal restaurant environment and high end cuisine. To practice and hone my skills, I worked every summer at different fine dining restaurants. Between cleaning floors and washing dishes, I cooked and learned some valuable skills.Immediately after my graduation, Ristorante Barberini in Rome offered me the position as their chef. At age 19, I was probably the youngest head chef in Italy. In December of that year my parents and I decided to purchase Ristorante Barberini. Through hard work and many long hours, our restaurant became one of the top rated, family run restaurants in Europe.

While working at Ristorante Barberini I forged my own style of cooking through successes and failures. I went against the fashions and trends of modern cuisine by using traditional Roman cuisine. What I mean is keeping it simple and good as it has always been. Throughout the years I learned that in the history is enclosed the art of cooking. I began to research Ancient Roman cuisine. I realized this art of cooking was forgotten but not outdated. I wanted to bring back the memory of Ancient Rome, but more than the memory, I wanted to bring back the taste. Today I proudly consider myself one of the very few masters of the Ars Convivalis (the art of the Ancient Roman cuisine).

I am not a conventional chef. I am not simply cooking: my dishes are not born only in the kitchen. My cooking is a part of me. My dishes are born from what I experience in life; they contain my emotions, my feelings, and my sensations. Through my dishes I can transmit my emotions to others. My way of cooking is not just the art of preparing food but a real philosophy of life that I like to share with as many people as possible.

During my career I have cooked for so many people from all over the world. Thanks to them I have visited and shared my cuisine with many different countries. I met many great chefs and have had the pleasure to work with some of them. Not only was a working relationship established but also and most importantly, I earned their respect and a sincere friendship.

Now I started a new adventure. I use my skills, experience, and my cooking to bring the Roman style to as many tables as possible. I became a traveling chef. I left my city to answer the calling of those who would like to taste the Original Cuisine. I continue to cook with the same love, heart and passion that began the Art of Cooking!>>

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